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Safety: Reset Volume to a predefined (user defined) value


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having headphones with different impedance, every time I plug one of them into my smartphone I have to check the Volume to avoid to be deafened in case I left the volume too high, when moving from an high impedance headphone to a low one, or in case I raised the volume to see a videoclip or a movie. I think it should be a nice safety feature to have an option in PA to reset the volume to a predefined value each time an headphone plug in is detected. Shouldn't be complicated and would be quite helpful in preventing ear damages. 

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I tend to use system tasks for that sort of thing, rather than each individual app adjusting the volume automatically.

You could set a task that triggers upon headphone insert to set the output volume to 20% for example. I have a timer-based night-time mode that turns my headset volume down to minimum for example, and restores it again in the morning to whatever level it was beforehand. I use Bixby Routines (which is just about the only thing Samsung's Bixby is useful for) but Tasker and similar apps can do it too.


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