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Playlist Indicators


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I had already sort of brought this issue up in a separate topic (Playlists in Info/Tags https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/22495-playlists-in-infotags/) but I think that the app could benefit from something that indicates whether or not a track has already been added to a playlist.


When the list comes up to pick a playlist, maybe there can be an icon like a checkmark on the side, or the selection can be highlighted or a different color. This can make organizing and re-organizing playlists easier and it takes the guess-work out.


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If you add a song to a Playlist, you can prevent it from accidentally being added a second time by enabling Settings > Library > Playlists > Don't Add Duplicates. You won't see an error message though, only any unique songs will get added.

The problem with annotating the displayed list of available playlist names in the 'Add To Playlist' screen is that you might be adding multiple items (lots of songs, folders, albums, etc) so there would be no easy way to show which of the target songs are in which of the displayed playlists.

For more complex Playlist management tasks, you could try the New Playlist Manager app which provides more functionality than a Music Player might offer.


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@andrewilley I know the setting, but there are likely some users that want duplicates for their playlists.

Also is it not possible for the app to recognize when a single file is being added to a playlist rather than multiple? Because the indicators would make the most sense for adding individual tracks. 

That's where I think the Don't Add Duplicates setting would really shine, too, is when adding multiple tracks to a playlist because the indicators wouldn't work under that context. 

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