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  1. The vertical ones do get affected by that setting, but there are horizontally lengthy ones (1280x720 for example) that don't get cropped whether the setting is on or off. And I was thinking, if it's not too ambitious, that it would be really nice to have a manual cropping option when selecting album art. Like how they do in photo editing apps where you can drag and resize, and/or select preset sizes (e.g. 1:1, 4:3, etc.)
  2. I'm aware of that option but it doesn't solve the issue. Apologies if this is a stupid request. I mainly listen to scores and instrumental stuff, and much of the tracks' album art aren't formed to 1:1 when set, which I would like them to be. Is a manual/automatic crop function for album art not possible for the app? Again, sorry if this seems like a waste of time.
  3. One suggestion: when selecting album art, can there be a cropping option? Or at least an option that automatically crops the art to 1:1 aspect ratio? Sometimes it's unsatisfying to set album art that is 4:3 for example and to see it differently shaped than other art which are 1:1. And then it's inconvenient to crop it manually or search the web for the right sized art. Just something I've been thinking of. Hope this can be implemented somehow
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