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Songs with special chars in the name don't work in playlists

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Songs with special characters in the name are not working correctly in playlists but play if selected through other menus. This just started happening recently and I'm not sure what I changed that is causing it. I'm importing the playlists through the library scanner, and have tag encoding set to default and always use utf-8 for .m3u enabled.


Here is the line in the playlist with the special character:

#EXTINF:162,José González - En Stund På Jorden
D:\Music\Library\Indie\José González\(2021) Local Valley\01-12 En Stund På Jorden.flac

Attached are some screenshots of the song not parsing/playing through the playlist but working through the artists menu.


Edit: Forgot to mention my specs

Android 11

Asus ZenFone 8

Poweramp build-918-bundle-play Full Version 64 bit





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It looks to me as thought the playlist file is saved as plain ANSII rather than Unicode (UTF-8) which is needed to properly define any special characters. Load it into a text editor such as Notepad++ on a PC and see what the encoding method is. Normally UTF-8 files would have a .M3U8 extender, not just .M3U.

Then try a FULL Rescan in PA Settings > Library to reload the updated file(s).

Some more discussion of this can be found in this thread (the problem has been fixed by build 918, but files could have been resaved previously):


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