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Album art for all tracks


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Up to now I made a file named cover.jpg and put that file in the folder where the music is.
But now I've seen such a folder with a cover file but not all of the tracks are using that album art, only some of them do.
Shouldn't they all take the same album art?


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I think I know  what's going on.
I listed my albums by album artist and on the Eric Clapton's album there were several numbers by other artists.
The album art is applied to all the tracks from the same artist and not the same album artist.
So I'll have to apply the album art to several tracks by hand.
Thanks for the help anyway.

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My album art for my playlist are of mixed artists, not songs from a particular artist/ band. And the artworks are all embedded. When I meant that if I changed an album art for a particular song in the list ( of different songs by many different artists/ bands), the next 3 or probably 5 in the list will adopt the new album art intended for just one particular song. All my album art for every song has its artwork embedded. I'm using an Android phone, Oppo Reno 2, updated to the latest Android 11 software. As for Poweramp, it's also updated to the latest one. Can't remember the updated serial numbers/ code names but it was purchased via Playstore in March 2021, I believe. I've tried what was recommended in this help column but it still happens. Cleared cache, reinstalled, etc,etc... Should not have updated it. Forgot when it started but it used to be fine. Just sick of correcting the art. When I listen to a song by Oasis, Adele's artwork will appear. If I correct it back to the embedded one, then I get Oasis art for the next 3 to 5 songs down the playlist! 

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@desmond gabriel Does this happen outside of playlists too?

Normally, if you decide to apply new Album Cover artwork, then your new choice will be applied to the whole of the current album, not just to one track. There is actually a long-standing request for a tickbox in the artwork selector screen to allow you to decide whether you want the new image to apply to just the current song or to the whole album. However, even currently, if you change an Oasis album cover, it should never be applied to an Adele album's tracks too.


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