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aaptOptions after Poweramp V914

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@maxmp, I have implemented the aaptOptions as shown in your sample app

aaptOptions {
    def localProps = new Properties()
    def paResources = localProps['Poweramp.apk'] ?: "Poweramp-build-914-resources.zip"

    additionalParameters "--emit-ids", "stable-ids.txt",
                            "--package-id", "0x80",
                            "-I", "${projectDir}/${paResources}"
    if(rootProject.file("stable-ids.txt").exists()) {
        additionalParameters "--stable-ids", "stable-ids.txt"

Q. with each subsequent release of Poweramp, will we also need to update Poweramp-build-914-resources.zip

and if so, will the next version be published on https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi

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@flyingdutchman the resources zip which is used to build skins should be updated if you're going to use some new attributes/identifiers/styles which are incrementally added with new builds. You can skip updating if your skin builds OK, as all those resource ids are stable and specifically "fixed" not to change with updates.

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