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No music to bluetooth headphones.

John Thornton

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I am using the trial version of Poweramp which will not play through DAC or bluetooth headphones, it will only play through headphone jack to headphones.

Poweramp is only playing through my Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G's speaker when in bluetooth mode and there is no sound through the bluetooth headphones.

Even though AUTO INFO shows FromTrack > Decoder (colour green) > Resampler > DSP > Output > Output Device Bluetooth headphones SBC 16 Bit 44.1 kHz.

My phones Audio Output shows bluetooth headphones as selected audio device and alternating between bluetooth headphone and this phone options makes no difference.

I have no issues using bluetooth mode with my current music app PlayerPro.

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Thanks for your help again andrewilley.

Set outputs to default still only music from speaker.

Have spent at least an hour trying different combinations in program. using different bluetooth headphones and nothing worked.

Does the trial program allow all operations as for the paid version?

Strange that bluetooth works with all other media and music programs programs but not for Poweramp.

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Trial and paid versions are the same, just time limited.

I use a very similar phone (A70, Android 11) and it works fine with multiple BT devices, or wired headset if one is plugged in. Try different output methods for BT (AudioTrack instead of OpenSL for example) and also try turning DVC on or off.


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