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  1. Thanks for your help again andrewilley. Set outputs to default still only music from speaker. Have spent at least an hour trying different combinations in program. using different bluetooth headphones and nothing worked. Does the trial program allow all operations as for the paid version? Strange that bluetooth works with all other media and music programs programs but not for Poweramp.
  2. I am using the trial version of Poweramp which will not play through DAC or bluetooth headphones, it will only play through headphone jack to headphones. Poweramp is only playing through my Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G's speaker when in bluetooth mode and there is no sound through the bluetooth headphones. Even though AUTO INFO shows FromTrack > Decoder (colour green) > Resampler > DSP > Output > Output Device Bluetooth headphones SBC 16 Bit 44.1 kHz. My phones Audio Output shows bluetooth headphones as selected audio device and alternating between bluetooth headphone and this phone options makes no difference. I have no issues using bluetooth mode with my current music app PlayerPro.
  3. Will any portable DAC/Amp connected to an android mobile phone's USB ā€œCā€ charger outlet work with every mobile phone and every music player? Could anyone using Poweramp advise which portable DAC/Amp they are using successfully with Poweramp which would be suitable for $2,000.00 to $3,000.00 easy to drive headphones? I have tried unsuccessfully to use my $5000.00 desktop DAC with Poweramp and can not get it to work as music will only come from the mobile phones speakers and the speakers can not be turned off using Poweramp, it just keeps resetting itself. I have a Samsung A52s 5G mobile which I expected could be used with an external desk top DAC although it appears if using Poweramp I will only be able to use a portable DAC/Amp.
  4. I have attempted to use Poweramp to provide music to my desktop DAC and it does not work, perhaps its an incompatibility issue or I am not selecting the correct settings. Would it be possible for Poweramp users to provide information for which DACs they are using which work with Poweramp? A list of compatible DACs would not only provide information for which DAC a Poweramp user could purchase, but also a Poweramp user who has a DAC which should work with Poweramp but does not, could obtain advice from those with the same DAC on how to get it to work.
  5. Thank you for your post andrewilley. The information provided is very helpful and I will continue to use the program to fully understand your advice. The program appears much better than other programs I have used to date and at the cost truly amazing. I am considering using the Parametric Equaliser Modes option with my phone as the music source to my Mirus Pro DAC to see the effect of the equaliser, as I have never EQed my music files before.
  6. Thank you for your post andrewilley. I only downloaded the Poweramp trial a few days ago and to date it appears to provide all I would expect and need. I am currently using the FOLDERS option with a 128GB microSDXC which locates all albums in the correct screen locations and enables me to only need to change the folder name rather than the FLAC tag. The program does an almost perfect job of selecting the CD album covers using FOLDERS. The ALBUM option locates far fewer albums in the correct locations and the contents of a few have jumbled contents due probably to tag data issues. Basically each CD is a separate folder with some folders containing 2 cds in the same folder. My FOLDERS HIERARCHY contains SD card and Galaxy A52s 5G and the FOLDERS contains each of my FLAC cd music files. Is there a maximum number of folders which can be used with Poweramp? If there is a better way to organise my FLAC files I would appreciate any helpful advice.
  7. Thank you for your quick response to my post MotleyG. I have approximately 700GB of flac files and loading them onto my mobile is an additional way of backing up the files, as well as allowing me to listen to the music.
  8. What is the maximum capacity microSDXC which can be used with Poweramp? I am considering purchasing a 1TB Sandisk Extreme Pro microSDXC to use in my Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G which has 128GB of internal memory.
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