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Android Auto - incomplete list in Folder Hierarchy view


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Me again! 

If I'm using Poweramp with Android Auto and I open the Folder Hierarchy view, the list of items seems to be truncated. In my case, approximately the first 50% of the folders in alphabetical order are shown and the remainder are missing. This isn't just a visual display bug, because if I use the "search by initial letter" function which filters the list down to the folders starting with a particular letter, then the letters corresponding to the missing 50% of folders aren't available to be chosen with that function.

For example:

  • If I had a folder called "Aerosmith - Get A Grip" then that folder would be visible in the Folder Hierarchy view, and if I open the "search by letter" function then the letter "A" can be selected and that folder shows up in the filtered list.
  • If I had a folder called "ZZ Top - Afterburner" then that folder does not appear in the Folder Hierarchy view, and if I open the "search by letter" function then the letter "Z" is disabled and cannot be selected as a filter option.

The folders show as expected in the Folder Hierarchy view in the Poweramp app on my phone even when it's connected to Android Auto, and I can select and play any of those folders from the phone - but of course that's not safe to do while driving. It seems to just be a problem with the list provided to Android Auto.

If more info is needed let me know and I'll try to provide it. Thanks!

Poweramp: build-911-arm64-play [911004-cb218340] 64 bit
Device: Samsung Galaxy S10e
Android: 11
Car stereo: Bolero in a Skoda

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On 10/25/2021 at 11:20 PM, andrewilley said:

How many folders are in the list, as there is an implicit limit for Android Auto.


Hi Andre, there are 430 folders so I wouldn't have thought it'd be hitting that limit.

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I've done a few more experiments and, interestingly, the Albums list shows everything properly even though (due to some of the tagging) it's a longer list than the folders hierarchy. Unfortunately, because of the way I've structure my library, using the Albums list doesn't really work for me - I'd still much prefer to be able to use the folder hierarchy.

I've tried a few more things to get it working including a full library rescan, clearing the library folder selections and adding them back, and restoring library settings to default. Sadly I still haven't been able to get it to work.


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The limits are based on Android Auto capacity, rescanning won't help. I don't know whether Folders Hierarchy tries to cache more than just the top level of folder names though.


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