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couple of questions about eq app and built-in equalizer


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1. do i need the new equalizer app if i already have the music player app?

2. how do i make custom built-in equalizer setup in Poweramp music player stays between songs? I noticed that the equalizer go back to normal preset once I change songs.

Like I first pick Bass-Extreme, then I modify the higher frequency ones, but when I play next song, the preset go back to normal Bass-Extreme, my modification is gone. How do I make them all stay?

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1. No, the external app is really for other (non-Poweramp) apps to be able to achieve similar equalization results to those already available for Poweramp playback. Currently there are a few feature differences, but I assume that eventually they will become fully aligned.

2. I'm not sure if this is new, as I seem to recall that normally a minor tweak to the EQ would remain in place for ongoing playback until another preset was triggered (such as an output device preset, or an album or track saved preset). I don't know why user adjustments are now getting wiped after a simple track change if there are no other saved presets in play. To resolve it though, once you have made your changes tap the Save button to store the modified version for future use - you can either overwrite the existing system preset name 'Bass Extreme', or create a new preset of your own such as 'My Bass'. Also, if you long-press on the Save button, PA will enable auto-save mode and any changes will automatically be stored back into the current preset name. If you do that, it would be better to use a custom name as otherwise you'll overwrite the original system preset with your trial adjustments.


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