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Rearrange and merge the artist tag


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Could we have the artist tag behave more like the genre tag ? As in , separate the entire tag by a symbol like ', ' or '/ ' and merge the same artists together . 

Example: Artist1 , Artist2 - Tile

I want that song to be found in 'Artist1' folder AND 'Artist2' instead of creating a new folder 'Artist1 , Artist2'

Thank you

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That feature has been available since Poweramp build 899. It's in Settings > Library > Scanner. You can independently specify what separators to use (e.g. ";"  "/" ) for the Genres, Artists / Album Artists, and Composers categories. You can also hard-code specific artist names (e.g. "AC/DC" and "Earth, Wind & Fire") so they don't get split by accident.

My own Artist separators list currently includes " feat.  ft.  w/  ;  //  /  \\  (  ) ". I would suggest editing your files to use semicolons rather than commas as separators though, as there are quite a lot of genuine artist/band names that include commas and your defined Unsplit list could get quite large. Same goes with ampersand.


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