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Sleep Timer improvement


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Please add the possibility to set fade out time. Allowing more precise time settings would also be great (now you can only install 5, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 125, someone might need 25 minutes, someone 55.. would be great if it just increased by 5 all the time). This is actually very important for people who actually fall asleep to music. For example, I usually fall asleep in ≈45 min, so the ideal settings for me would be 55 min timer, with fade out starting at 20 minutes (leaving 35 minutes to gradually, slowly and evenly fade to zero). Unfortunately the only app I've found that can do that is PlayerPro (the app I've used before I switched to Poweramp). It had a well done sleep timer with precise settings, and faded out gradually during nearly the whole installed period (it didn't have precise fade out time settings, but it started to fade out at about 1/3 or half of the entire installed time, unlike what most players do by playing all the time at normal volume and fade out in the last 5 seconds.. that's not a sleep timer, it's just an "off" timer).


I know not many people use sleep timer, but if you could find the time to implement this improvement, it would be really great! It feels weird keeping a whole music app and a separate DSP pack that eats up a bunch of space just for falling asleep.. 😅

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I tend to agree that a less granular slider control would be more useful, allowing 1 minute increments from 1 to 120 minutes. And if the 'Play to end of last track' option has not been selected, I agree that a gradual fade-out over (for example) 20-30 seconds would be a much more elegant and subtle way to handle the end of the sleep period.


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19 minutes ago, Marinorama said:

waiting for years for PAs sleep timer to fade-out. cannot be that difficult to implement that feature...

I don't think it would even need to be an option, could just be hard coded to fade out over maybe 20 seconds - as long as you haven't enabled the "play to end" of song feature.


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Fade-out option would be a great improvement in sleep timer. Casse-o-Player, another excelent player, has this option and when activated, the music sound starts to fade out at half of the set sleep timer and continues fading out slowly to zero when player stops.

I love to fall sleep hearing music, and this resource allows a more quality sleeping, since it avoids awakening you with a louder song.

PLEASE!!!!! Implement this as an option on Poweramp.

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