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Volume Key Long Press skip track not working

LuCas 12

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If it is still supported by your Android update, try applying the permission process again for the newly installed ROM version. See information in PA Settings > Misc > Volume Keys Long Press.

You will need to use an external computer to send an ADB command to your device:  adb shell pm grant com.maxmpz.audioplayer android.permission.SET_VOLUME_KEY_LONG_PRESS_LISTENER 


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Thanks for answers. I need to try again ADB command ok. But other strange thinks happened, after system update my all settings in PA now are restored to default ones but even if I chose something an option  for example don't resume song after connect headphones and I chose deactivate it still resuming audio and etc so sound output etc everything always comeback to default settings. I think is something worng with the compatibility with last update , and yes is still android 10 as before update was also 10  only there was some last security updates and improvement etc. Or my Realme 7Pro is strange?

Skip tracks with volume keys option is still active.


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I forget to add important details
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Sounds like the update has broken more than just file access permissions, have you had any problems with other apps? I would suggest uninstalling and re-installing Poweramp (or fully clear app data in Android settings) and don't allow Google to restore any settings from the cloud. Then you should be back to a 'clean' default setup and you can try re-importing your old Settings from an 'Export Settings' backup (if you have one) or just make the adjustments again.


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