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  1. I have now different problem after android update for realme 7 Pro I can't skip tracks with volume buttons. I try everything remove and install app again.
  2. Problem solved without new installation of uninstalling PA. I opened the Developer Settings and enable again the USB DEBUGGING. Everything is fine now. Thanks for help and advices.
  3. Thanks for answers. I need to try again ADB command ok. But other strange thinks happened, after system update my all settings in PA now are restored to default ones but even if I chose something an option for example don't resume song after connect headphones and I chose deactivate it still resuming audio and etc so sound output etc everything always comeback to default settings. I think is something worng with the compatibility with last update , and yes is still android 10 as before update was also 10 only there was some last security updates and improvement etc. Or my Realme 7Pro is strange? Skip tracks with volume keys option is still active.
  4. Hello guys i use Relame 7Pro after last system update android 10 I can't change tracks using volume buttons. Please help somehow. Thanks...
  5. where you come from ? germany or holland friend
  6. Thank you. Disable permission monitoring helps. Everything ok now.You are the best Working now Volume buttons back and forth..😀
  7. Hello hello guys please help me I need to activate volume buttons skip tracks opinion. But I get the error when I'm use the ADB command please help me. Please check that attachment screenshot with the error message. I'm using the latest Realme 7 pro smartphone.
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