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Best settings, hi-res wired headphones help


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ok, trying to do some tweaking here and getting confused. My goal is for the best wired headphones sound quality options, with a tic of battery consumption in mind.  Trying to tweak to its potential. I purchased new custom in ear monitors recently, and rechecking settings. my phone is a samsung galaxy s9

Ok, I have output, hi-res output,  Now, sample rate I am getting confused. 44.1/16b, 96/16b, 192/24b, the list goes on and on.  Am I better with most tracks without resampling ??   say 44.1 16 bit or would setting to 192 24bit  give any gains ?? ??  I have resample set to Sox and 97% and Dither at none.  

most 320 mp3, lots of flac and some higher 

I have a Qudelix 5K arriving today, so will be doing some comparisons trying to decide if it's an improvement, if that makes sense. 

long time Poweramp pro user since v1 days


thanks much for your time







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If you don't have any high resolution audio files, then just don't use hi-res output at all, that's not make any sense. Most of the 320's mp3 file are cut off below 20KHz, 44.1KHz flac files can store 22KHz, that's more than enough to be honest. Here are some examples below.

16-Bit 44.1 KHz flac file. It's "full range" 22KHz



320Kbps mp3 file. As you can see, it's cut off at 20KHz, anything above is empty space.




24- Bit 192KHz flac file. Far above 22 KHz



The human hearing range is somewhere close to 20KHz, a mid-age adult barely able to hear anything that's above 17KHz or more. So to be honest, you are not even able to enjoy a normal "CD Quality" at it's full frequency range. I mean you can use Hi-res output if you want, just that don't make any sense since anything above ~16KHz you are not able to hear and it's not more than battery wasting. You're good with OpenSL Es output...

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It's best to use the SoX resampler (i leave freq cutoff at 95%, dithering slow or none), and just leave the resampling to 176kHz or 192kHz. Poweramp won't switch the re-sampling rate from track to track.

SoX re-sampling and poweramps hi res output will be cleaner than allowing android to resampler your audio.

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