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  1. ok, trying to do some tweaking here and getting confused. My goal is for the best wired headphones sound quality options, with a tic of battery consumption in mind. Trying to tweak to its potential. I purchased new custom in ear monitors recently, and rechecking settings. my phone is a samsung galaxy s9 Ok, I have output, hi-res output, Now, sample rate I am getting confused. 44.1/16b, 96/16b, 192/24b, the list goes on and on. Am I better with most tracks without resampling ?? say 44.1 16 bit or would setting to 192 24bit give any gains ?? ?? I have resample set to Sox and 97% and
  2. had to go from v703 to 704 to get hires back on my S7 android N so if your going to try v3 alpha, keep that in mind, got my N update yesterday,
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