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Sleep Timer Options - Fade out and Additional Time options

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Presently when the timer is over, you have an option to play the last song to the end, or just abruptly end.  I would like to see an option to fade out instead of just end.

I have some tracks that I want to listen to but they are in excess of 2 hours others are under 2 hours.  Some Deep Sleep Theta Wave music.  I would like to have an option to fade out the track instead of just kill it.  That abrupt end has startled me up way more times than I want to talk about.


On the timer selection it goes, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 120. 

Could we get some granularity between 60 and 120.  Maybe a 15 minute increment? or allow an option to put in a manual time that it remembers?






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I wonder if perhaps a sliding range rather than granular stepped times might work?

Subtly fading out just before the end of the timer (a slow 10-15 second fade?) sounds like an excellent idea to me. In fact it might as well be the standard operation if you haven't opted to play the last song to the end.

Incidentally, one thing I have always wanted in the Sleep Timer controls is an inactivity tickbox. If enabled, the timer would be reset each time you perform a task such as a headset-controls track change, play/pause, volume adjustment, etc. That way you could set the timer to kick in (say) 15 minutes after you finish interacting.  


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1 hour ago, LewZephyr said:

I do not have it play to the end of the last song, and it just pops off.  If it is supposed to fade, it hasn't been for me.

No, it's not meant to at the moment. I was just agreeing with you that it would be nice if fading could be the normal behaviour in future (if you don't have the play-to-end option enabled).


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