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  1. No, running on Samsung S10e. It happens when I am going to sleep usually, so the screen is off... and maybe I manually turned the screen off. Not sure. Doesn't happen all the time, but enough to make me double check myself that I had it removed from battery management. Thanks.
  2. Does not happen all the time, so not a show stopper by any means. I do not have it optimized in the battery optimization area, and I am not running any special apps that do that. Not sure what else to look for, or what to do. Didn't find any further suggestions from the FAQ or Google search. Thanks for your time and assistance.
  3. I like the sliding range option. I do not have it play to the end of the last song, and it just pops off. If it is supposed to fade, it hasn't been for me. I like that idea you have about activity resetting the timer.
  4. Presently when the timer is over, you have an option to play the last song to the end, or just abruptly end. I would like to see an option to fade out instead of just end. I have some tracks that I want to listen to but they are in excess of 2 hours others are under 2 hours. Some Deep Sleep Theta Wave music. I would like to have an option to fade out the track instead of just kill it. That abrupt end has startled me up way more times than I want to talk about. On the timer selection it goes, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 120. Could we get some granularity between 60 and 120. Maybe a 15 minute increment? or allow an option to put in a manual time that it remembers? Thanks.
  5. Always happens after posting a question... bam... there I found it. Settings > Library > Lists > Filename as Title I kept looking at the list options when in the Hierarchy view.
  6. I have a folder with file names that have a number in front. How do I make the view show the file name instead of the track name? Hopefully its available but not in some obvious spot, since I have been trying to find the setting for a while. Your time and insight are appreciated.
  7. Andre, Ill give that a run. Thank you for the response.
  8. Would like a way to create a play list for a specific folder and play in the order of least played. I understand the logic issue with a playlist of least played, since once a song is played it now has an additional count, and could cause the play list to re-org and have to recalculate after each song. My thoughts on this are when the play list is selected it calculates, and runs that play list static until the next time the playlist is accessed. This would also re-calculate any new files added to the directory since the last run. I used to use PlayerPro and it had this ability, but it had other issues that made me finally switch out. This is really the only feature I am missing from the previous player.
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