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Screen goes black after playing a song


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Sorry, the first bug I reported didn't follow instructions, but I fixed it now (forum.powerampapp.com/topic/19969-when-watching-instagram-stories-with-sounds-music-stops-incorrectly/).
There are 2 bugs that appeared about a month ago in the beta:
-When playing a track, the screen goes black
-In the track execution (currently played) view, there is a weird white bar with a padlock on top of the cover, I don't understand what it does

  • Poweramp v3-884 (playstore, beta, up to date) (the problem started to appear about a month ago)
  • Samsung S10
  • Android 10
  • One UI 2.1
  • Open Poweramp, select a track, the screen will go black until swiping down the track cover, it will stay black even after locking and unlocking before

You can see both problems in this vide. I haven't changed any settings in Poweramp for months.



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The bar with the padlock should only appear if you have Visualisations enabled, and I wonder if the same issue is causing your screen blanking (i.e. PA is trying to switch to a visualisation when playing). The visualisation icon does appear to be turned on:


Try turning Visualisations off (tap the icon) as it seems that PA is trying to use a visualisation preset that is for some reason not compatible with your system. 


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