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Sleep Timer


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Sleep Timer does not work, especially when the phone display is off. 

Reduce volume to purse music works, but does not resume play when increased volume, even on Poweramp app screen. 

Play next does not play next song, if a song that is added to the list was not added the same time, it refuse to play.

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1) Sleep Timer does work, I use it every night (with the phone display off).

2) That feature is experimental, so if it does not work for you please provide a bit more information on your system. On my phone it does not function when using the phone-speaker, but it does work with the wired headset. I need to press Play to resume playback though.

3) All that "Play Next" is meant to do is insert a new track at the beginning of the queue (or as the next item in the queue if the queue is already playing) rather than the normal functionality of adding it to the end of the queue. The new track will start playing after the current track has finished. This works fine for me, could you explain what happens for you (and also what you are expecting to happen).


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Thanks a lot for your reply. 

My phone is Samsung galaxy m30, operating on Android 10. 

I play audio through jbl Bluetooth headphone. 

Poweramp version 875-882.

When sleep Timer is set, it exceed the set  timer (eg 30 minutes) if the screen is off, and it will suddenly turn off when I go to app screen, but sometimes it just remains until I deactivate it. 

2. Yes, when volume is reduced, it does stop, and I have to press play to resume, not volume up. 

3. When song is playing from a different category, play next will start after current song, and all songs added as play next will be played, 

But if I add a new song to the list while it's still on play next list, the later added will not be played, though it will be visible on the list, unless it goes to another category, then I add another play next, then it combines from the very first play next which it played before to the last. 

If any new is added in this process, it will not be played. 

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Sleep Timer: Are you perhaps using the 'Play last song to end" feature, as otherwise I can't duplicate the results you see - if enabled, mine stops mid-track after (for example) 20 minutes of playback.

I also can't seem to duplicate your Queue results. When I enqueue a new song from any library category - using a long-press on the title and then selecting the 'Play Next' icon - the new song gets placed in the queue as the next song to be played (as long as shuffling the queue is disabled anyway). That happens whether the queue is currently playing or not. Could you post a screenshot of your options in Settings > Library > Queue ?


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