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Qestion about license


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If I buy this how do I activated it? Is it an apk license? That I'll be able to store? What if I change my email address will the license still work? What happens if I change phones will the license still work? I don't like buying apps cause devs just up & close & I'm left with a non working app. And please don't say you'll be around forever or how long you've been around because that really doesn't mean anything.

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You can buy from the Google Play Store, and as long as you keep the same Google account you can re-install the unlocker from the Play Store on multiple new devices.

If you buy a licence from here on the website, it is for only one device at a time (installing on a new device is fine, but that revokes the licence from the previous one).

PA has been available for more than ten years, and licences bought when it was first released are still valid today.


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