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  1. @andrewilley I'm going to try setting the buffer tonight. I couldn't find it. I have all my music on an SD Card. I didn't try it on the internal memory. @andrewilley no just what the app has it set too. going to try & do that tonight. @maxmp I always leave the "Limiter" on. The only way I got it to do it less is set the "Pre-amp" lower. The EQ really can pack some Bass so I like to Max it to get my sub's going. I didn't want to install a complete system again with EQ, Active Crossover ect. The counter stopping is the song time. I noticed with songs that really got low Bass it stops the song. I don't see a buffer setting. I got version 8.7.4 off Google Play
  2. Just checked it out last night & the counter does stop. I'm using a Samsung A20 using the AUX. Same way I used Back Player Ex. Only difference is Black Play Ex could hit as low with the Bass & as high with mids & treble.
  3. @Martin Shentall I will try switching buffer to maximum. Thanks! @MotleyG I haven't had a problem with my car amp like this. It also happens with my home stereo. I'm def hitting low bass. I have no subsonic filter. I never needed one. @andrewilley It happens when the volume isn't that loud (but happens less) When it's loud & hitting hard then it happens a lot more. I never looked to see if the PA was counting. I did mean playback pauses for a short time then starts again.
  4. It does it with the screen on & off & only plugged into a house stereo. If using a bluetooth speaker or in the vehicle it doesn't do this but my Bass setting are much lower because I'm not pushing 2-15's with 4-8's tweeters & mids.
  5. Thanks I'll try that. It's strange because I'm using 2 - 15 subs & with Black Play Ex I never had this happen. No distortion the song just stop/cuts out then comes back on. I lowered the pre-amp setting & it seemed to help but still did it but not as much.
  6. I just bought Poweramp a couple days ago & I was setting the eq up. I have the phone connected via AUX & limit off. The really low bass songs cut the music out for a bit & then it'll play then stop & this repeats. very annoying. My guess is the way I have the eq set up is some how clipping/limiting the the volume even with the limit off. Is there a way around this?
  7. Thanks. I just wanted to make sure of the below. I don't need the artwork. Cheers
  8. Thanks for the info. Do you have to have internet connection on always? I just use my unactive phone as an mp3 player. I don't keep a wifi connection on.
  9. So I'm better buying it from Google Play then? And I can run it on my main phone & my unactivated phone as my mp3 player?
  10. If I buy this how do I activated it? Is it an apk license? That I'll be able to store? What if I change my email address will the license still work? What happens if I change phones will the license still work? I don't like buying apps cause devs just up & close & I'm left with a non working app. And please don't say you'll be around forever or how long you've been around because that really doesn't mean anything.
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