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Experimental features for the Settings menu


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Hello all,

Wouldn't it be nice if planned/implemented features that were being internally tested could be tried out by the public a lot quicker?

It would be nice to have a section in the Settings menu named as "Experimental features" or simply "Labs". Inside of that a user could trial out new features by simply enabling a checkbox which would then activate the feature (for example a new Poweramp UX element).

Then simply after a period of time has elapsed of testing and bug reports the new feature would then come out of this menu and into prime time.

This wouldn't disrupt the releases of any alpha or beta versions.

I believe Firefox and Chrome had or still have this type of 'labs' feature. The equivalent to any user playing with the Android 'Developer Options' menu.


It sure would mean new features can be accessed quicker even if in a buggy state.

What do you think?

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Not sure what Max's thoughts will be, but I can't really see much difference between that and having a beta channel which is not issued to the main Google release channel until the early testers have had a chance to try for a bit.

And to be honest, the Settings menu is complex enough to navigate as it is! :)


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