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Is there a current ability to:

1. Have a button for ten second advance? I thought I saw it at one time but cannot find it now.

2. The ability to restart a file from where it was last played?



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Both of these options are available, are are linked to 'long track' support.

1)  ≡ Settings > Library > "-10/+10s Rewind Pro Buttons"

2)  ≡ Settings > Library > "Store/Restore Per Track Progress"

These are both dependent on the duration of each track, as they were originally designed to help with podcasts, audiobooks, etc. The duration threshold can be manually adjusted with  ≡ Settings > Library > "Track Duration for Per Track Progress" - I have mine set to 15 minutes, but if you want both of these features to be permanently available for all tracks, just set the minimum duration to zero.

Oh, and you can also individually enable track position saving by folders if you wish. Go to a folder's songs view, tap the three-dots menu icon, List Options, and tick 'Per Track Progress'. But by the sound of it, the global version is more what you want.


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Wow. Thank you. PA is great but there are so many options and choices. LOL. Will need to take a class. 

Lastly, is there a `Car' function which makes the menu much larger for easier viewing while driving?



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