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After a full rescan, playlist that don't exist anymore are still shown


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Build No. v3-build-874-arm64-play [874004-517ac8a1] Full Version

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950F

Android 9, no custom ROM

Please see the attached screenshot "2 x Blues playlists.jpg". It shows playlist Blues (45).m3u and Blues (46).m3u. This is what Poweramp showed after I added Blues (46).m3u and removed Blues (45).m3u from the Music folder, then made a full rescan. 


As can be seen in the screenshot "from Astro File Manager.jpg",


there is no Blues (45).m3u anymore.

Can you please inform me when you have a fix which solves this?


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And what about a Full Rescan, does that help? Might be worth check that the remove option in Settings > Library > Playlists is enabled, but I though that only related to songs within lists, not the Playlist files themselves.

Oh, and I assume you've already tried to simply Delete the stubbornly remaining null list from within PA itself? (long-press on the Playlist name and tap Delete - note: don't choose the 'Delete Files' suboption, as that is for deleting the actual song files)


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Sorry, but you now appear to be describing a different problem in your most recent message. What we were talking about was when you created a new playlist file called  Blues (46).m3u  and deleted an older file called  Blues (45).m3u . You said that after rescanning, the deleted Blues (45) file continued to show in Poweramp's library, albeit with zero contents, which was the issue I was addressing. Can you confirm that this initial problem has now been resolved, and you only see the names of playlist files that actually exist?

I'll move the new issue to a new thread for you to avoid confusion:


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Sorry if I was unclear. When I first encountered the problem(s) I thought the underlying reason for both issues is surely the same. Thanks for creating the other issue.

Anyway I checked now if all non-existing playlists disappeared after the new full Rescan - not all did! One remained: Funky Hits (179).m3u


I checked once more if the file is there, using the Astro File Manager. It is NOT there.


I ran the full rescan once more, after verifying once more that the remove option in Settings > Library > Playlists is enabled, but it did not help.

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It is possible that an old backup copy of Funky Hits (179).m3u exists somewhere else in your device's storage? It would have to be in a storage location that Poweramp is allowed to scan in the Settings > Library > Music Folders screen, which should narrow it down a bit.

If this doesn't help, try creating a new playlist file called Funky Hits (179).m3u (just make a second copy of another M3U file, and rename it) and see if a new scan picks that one up - and if so, do you now see two version of the same name in the library Playlists view?


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That was a good hint. Poweramp was scanning all internal storage. I then narrowed this to only the Music folder and made a rescan, after that the old playlist was gone in PA. Apparently I once sent that playlist via Whatsapp (I don't remember, but it's well possible), so it was still present in the Whatsapp's Sent folder.

Thank you!

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