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  1. Thanks Andre. This was the part that I did not know about until your explanation.
  2. I now saved a linear (and a few other) EQ settings that I can switch between, so problem = solved. Thanks for your assistance. Just out of curiosity: There is no such UNASSIGN button in my app. When comparing with your screenshot I noticed also a different title of this pop-up: Save Preset, instead of Apply Preset. Do you have a different version? Mine is v3-build-826-play (Full Version).
  3. This organizations seems really weird to me, kind of reverse logic... but okay, at least I know now how to delete a preset. Thanks for the explanation. Is it also possible to just "suspend" it permanently, so that I can re-use it some time in the future?
  4. Yes, but shouldn't it be possible to deactivate the EQ? Shouldn't the Reset button on the EQ's top menu be global, and supersede the settings in the submenu? It seems weird to offer a Reset button on the top surface, which is then overridden by a selection in a submenu that you don't even get to see when you push Reset. And only when the next song starts . . . ? ? ?
  5. Some time ago I used the 10 band equalizer to equalize a (lousy) speaker, which required quite extreme bass and treble boost. Now I can't permanently disable this adjustment anymore. I can disable the EQ in the currently playing song, but every time a new / the next song starts, Poweramp returns to the extreme EQ setting that I had saved back then.
  6. Artists not listing in alphabetical order. The order is mostly alphabetic, but some strange exceptions, as shown in the following excerpts from the total listing. Examples: 1. 2 Unlimited 2010s Karaoke Band The 69-Eyes A.R. Rahman ABC 2. Scorpions Seal The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Sex Pistols Sha'aban Yahya 3. T-Connection T.Rex A Taste Of Honey Tatu Tears for Fears I looked for a setting which would allow strict alphabetical ordering but didn't find one. I reported this on the bug report form as well. My phone is a HTC One SV with Android 4.2.2, stock ROM. Poweramp is 2.09-build-534. In case statistics / numbers play any role: according tp Poweramp, there are 697 artists on my phone (mostly on the SD card) and 1223 songs.
  7. Thanks, Vic. Not quite what I was looking or hoping for, but better than I knew until now. At least when I look up the playlist like this it always comes with the currently playing song near the top, with the next few titles shown.
  8. Hi all, I'm using Poweramp (2.09-build-534) on my HTC 1SV for a while now and generally I am very satified with it. I like particularly the equalizer, it helps to improve the sound of my not so great car speakers. On my computer I play music using the classic Winamp. I guess that's why I'm missing the playlist that I see in Winamp, in Poweramp. Is there any way to set up Poweramp so that it shows the playlist with the currently playing song highlighted, plus the following 3, 4, 5 (or so) songs listed underneath? Obviously, this needs to be an auto-scrolling list.
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