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Left-handed horizontal player layout

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3 hours ago, missmelliss01 said:

Wanting to know if it’s possible to switch the album art to right and buttons to left side so they are closer and easier to reach when driving.

Ah, I understand what you want now; you originally asked "is there a way to make the album art move to the left and buttons to the right", hence my confusion.

It's not an option within the main Poweramp app at present,  but it would definitely be possible to offer that as an alternative layout via the skinning feature. I guess the standard landscape layout was designed with right-handed people in mind - and it also works well for right-hand-drive vehicles - but I agree that for left-handed users, or left-hand-drive cars, it would be nice to be able to reverse the layout. I'll move this conversation over to the Skins subforum, where it might get more attention.


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