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Interaction between different equalisers - Head Unit


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My car Head Unit came with an Amplifier App that includes both Fade and Equaliser settings.  When in use it applies to all the audio out.  Poweramp has its own equaliser which I prefer but appears to only work with audio being played via Poweramp, so not my radio for example.

What sort of interaction could occur between the two if they are both active or would one override the other?

The follow on question being can the Poweramp equaliser be used for all audio e.g my radio.

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Poweramp's EQ only works for Poweramp playback, it is not a system-wide facility - although Max is working on a stand-alone app that will do that.

If you run two EQs at the same time, they will simply add (or subtract) from each other. So if you boost the bass in one app and reduce it in another, the net result will be close to zero, depending on how well the frequency curves on each app work.


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