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  1. I can't offer any solutions to your problems other than to say that there are numerous possibilities because of the various options within Android and Poweramp plus other apps that may be running. Some optimisation apps may kill running apps to conserve battery power. The only time I saw the 'Poweramp was killed' message was when I deliberatly shut down all running apps manually. I use the Agama Launcher which works just fine ( http://altercars.ru/ or https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=altergames.carlauncher ). I needed to load an app called Boot Control ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microntek.bootcontrol ) because Android wants to continue were it left off when shut down and I wanted the Home Screen to always be the first thing I saw when starting again. So Boot Control starts the launcher running but all the other apps e.g Poweramp, sat nav are still there in the background ready to go. When I turn the ignition compltely off I have the head unit to stay in standby for 5 minutes then completely power off. At ignition completely off (not Acc mode) Poweramp stops playing and when I re-launch it, it has paused at where ever it was but I don't see this as a problem.... just push the play button again. I don't have any physical buttons for playback control as everything is done through the Launcher or through Poweramp. My music is all on an SDcard and once Poweramp was configured to play from this - no problems. I can and have used the USB port without any problems but you have to tell Poweramp about this location as well.
  2. When you set up an equaliser preset you can assign it to a device e.g speaker, bluetooth or specific song. So for example I want to use the same equaliser preset all the time so have assigned it to the Speakers. If you do a long press on the equaliser preset you'll be able to see the option to assign it to a device or song. Same applies when you set up your own preset.
  3. Andre.... Just to let you know I have managed to setup Poweramp on my car head unit to do what I want. Mostly the problem was 'finger trouble' with too many options on the home screen to launch Poweramp and to have other audio sources. However, the break through came when I changed the Start at Library option to OFF. Now Poweramp just goes back to where I left it after a power off/on or restart. Thanks for you help.
  4. You may be right and I'll check this out later, although the head unit doesn't stay in standby when I turn off the car as I've set it to power off after 30mins so I'm not sure if that makes a difference. Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks for the tip Andre. It works fine on my phone but I'll have to see if the Launcher (Agama) on the head unit can be configured to launch the shortcut.
  6. I use Poweramp on my car head unit and mostly just want to play random music from my whole collection. Is there anyway to have this start automatically when Poweramp is launched? It's bit of a distraction trying push the correct icons when driving. Thanks
  7. My car Head Unit came with an Amplifier App that includes both Fade and Equaliser settings. When in use it applies to all the audio out. Poweramp has its own equaliser which I prefer but appears to only work with audio being played via Poweramp, so not my radio for example. What sort of interaction could occur between the two if they are both active or would one override the other? The follow on question being can the Poweramp equaliser be used for all audio e.g my radio.
  8. Thanks Andre, for the clear explanation.
  9. My first post so just a big thank you for a great app. My question is about the controls within the Replay Gain section. I think I understand the basics of Replay Gain i.e adding a tag to control the pre-amp settings of the player. So what do the two sliders for RG Preamp / Preamp without RG actually do? Thanks for your help
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