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partial loop

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I sing in a choir.
I use your application to learn my songs.
One function that would be useful to me would be to loop part of a song in a loop so as to learn it more easily.
We could define the starting point and the stopping point, or the starting point and a cursor to define the duration ... 
What do you think ?
Thank you again for this beautiful application.
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You are talking about A-B Repeat. This is something that has often popped up as a request here on the forums over the past ten years or so, but as yet hasn't made it into the app.

I remember it being on my very first CD players back in the 80s and even Laserdisc players, but it seems to have dwindled out on modern DVD/BluRay/etc devices. I never actually used it though, so perhaps that's part of why it dwindled?


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Thanks Andrew for clarifying him.


I wonder why Max himself is so against implementing this feature if it has been requested so many times over 10 years? 😢😢😢

If would not require a dedicated UI element (button) on the default interface but instead could be triggered with a gesture.

Additional support for adding A-B to Playlists since A-B is just a pointing timing segment within a file.


Please Max. I could help you with testing.


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