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volume reduces each time i double-click to skip to next track


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I recently purchased PA pro. I love it especially after having tried Rocketplayer and USB Audio Player.

I have an LG V40 with Android 9.

Being an audiophile i use many headphones for different purposes. Headphones i have will have a controller with usually a button to "double click" to skip to next track and lower or increase volume. These work with no issues in Poweramp.

The problem i recently encountered was when i chose to plug in my "JBL Endurance Run" ear buds which have only a click button to answer or hang up but no volume. 

What happens is when i double click to go to next track the volume will also lower. So after several tracks of doing this the volume is lowered to zero. This is a pain because now i have to keep adjust teh volume up and then after skipping few tracks it is lowered again.

I tested the JBL on the other music players mentioned above and they don't seem to suffer from the same problem? I really like using these JBL's for jogging or gym and don't understand why teh volume lowers when skipping to next track.

Has anyone encountered this problem. Please help.

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Thanks Andre. This seems to have worked i think.

I had Hi Res output for wired headset. I enabled "no DVC".

Now the volume seems really low and i am almost maxed out. Also it sounded really good with the "no DVC" disabled.

Is there anyway to keep this but keep the volumem louder.


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Hi Andre,

Yes i have and it is switched off.

It is possible the issue is with the headsets which is a pity because not all headsets do it.

However would be nice if there was a lock on the volume as that would help accidental volume adjustments but also save on throwing out expensive wired headset due to this crazy issue.



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