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  1. Hi Andre, Yes i have and it is switched off. It is possible the issue is with the headsets which is a pity because not all headsets do it. However would be nice if there was a lock on the volume as that would help accidental volume adjustments but also save on throwing out expensive wired headset due to this crazy issue. Cheers
  2. Please if you could make a volume lock function. Once the desired volume level is set the PApro volume can be locked to stop accidental bumping of volume buttons whilst the smartphone is in the pockets whilst running, jogging or at the gym. This can be a tiny button near the volume dialer or inside the volume dialer. Perhaos it can a little icon of a padlock. Open symbol for when not locked and closed symbol for when locked. Appreciated.
  3. ok. i think i spoke to early. The bug/problem is still there. I hope there is fix for this. Any help appreciated.
  4. Thanks Andre. This seems to have worked i think. I had Hi Res output for wired headset. I enabled "no DVC". Now the volume seems really low and i am almost maxed out. Also it sounded really good with the "no DVC" disabled. Is there anyway to keep this but keep the volumem louder. Cheers
  5. What i would like to see and this would set PA pro light years head of the rest is to have a feature where each ear right and left (or both together) can be tested for each frequency band hearing levels. Kind of like those hearing test apps. They test different ranges and draw you a graph showing your hearing levels. Now take this further and apply and save your hearing test as a customised equalizer setting. Ultimately the frequency you have difficulty hearing will be raised x number of decibels to compensation and frequencies where you hear extremely well or too senstive can be adjusted lower on the equalizer band. The above can also be applied to your headphones. All headphones respond to and have a different sonic print. So your customised setting would apply for your ears in combination with your headphones. We all have different sensitivities or deficiency when it comes to hearing frequency ranges in the audio spectrum. Even each ear left or right will hear different frequency's at different volumes, better or worse than the opposite ear. Years ago there was an app called Neutralizer in the android play store but developers stopped supporting it and hasn't been updated since 2016 and no longer works on the various android phones i've owned over the years. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.javeo.android.neutralizer&hl=en_US In any case keep up the good work on PApro. HTC had this feature built into their HTC10 and beyond.
  6. Forget to mentioned. I've only tested with wired headphones and earbuds as don't own a bluetooth set.
  7. I recently purchased PA pro. I love it especially after having tried Rocketplayer and USB Audio Player. I have an LG V40 with Android 9. Being an audiophile i use many headphones for different purposes. Headphones i have will have a controller with usually a button to "double click" to skip to next track and lower or increase volume. These work with no issues in Poweramp. The problem i recently encountered was when i chose to plug in my "JBL Endurance Run" ear buds which have only a click button to answer or hang up but no volume. What happens is when i double click to go to next track the volume will also lower. So after several tracks of doing this the volume is lowered to zero. This is a pain because now i have to keep adjust teh volume up and then after skipping few tracks it is lowered again. I tested the JBL on the other music players mentioned above and they don't seem to suffer from the same problem? I really like using these JBL's for jogging or gym and don't understand why teh volume lowers when skipping to next track. Has anyone encountered this problem. Please help.
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