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Proper folder navigation


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I wish it wasn't just me, but I just can't get the folder list to actually show subfolders (basically having one music folder containing band folders with several albums in them). There is the option to disable the flat folder hierarchy which I thought would solve my problem, but unfortunately it does not. I really hope this can be done!



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In the top-level Library Categories view, select 'Folders Hierarchy'. That then gives you a drill-down folder view, rather like a system file explorer. If you just use plain 'Folders' view, you get a flattened list with all the sub-folders shown in one long view.

Note: not all library categories are shown by default. If you don't see that Folders Hierarchy option, tap the three-dots menu icon in the top-right of the Library screen and use List Options to control which ones you wish to have available. 


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