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write playlist with an simple editor

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I will write playlist with an simpel text editor  like Windows editor.

 Where must I store the playlist ?

And whitch parameter are important to use (for example) the SD card in a Huawei Y7 Phone

I use normaly  



And where must i give permissions for writing ...



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You posted this under Poweramp v2 which is the old version and no longer supported.

Why do you want to write a .m3u playlist using a text editor? In terms of writing, it is important to know which version of android. Android 10 for example is totally locked down and to write anywhere is quite  complex . You need to use something called saf or storage access framework. Where you write them is less important.


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If you are going to create an M3U file for your self though, all it needs to contain is a simple list of every filename you want to include, each on a separate line, with any necessary path details to describe where the files are located. The path (folders) part can either be absolute (i.e. starting from the root level of the device's storage map) or relative (where path references begin at the same place that the playlist file will be stored).

If this is a general question, rather than relating specifically to the old v2 version of Poweramp, let me know and I've move it to one of the general topics.


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