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List View "Memory"


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Hi, that's a thing I didn't needed that much in the past but since I started using folder hierarchy, it's bothering me quite a bit

It's basically, some kind of memory for the list view mode on the last level of said folders, the actual music ones. I like to use the list view mode as on the first picture when on folders to have a clear view of the album art, but once I pick what album I'll be listening to, I would like more to see the track names, so something like on the second picture.

But seems like Poweramp uses just one list mode for all the folders in hierarchy style. When you just have folders separately named and see on the all folders options this memory kind of works and you can have one list view style for the root folder (with all the others on it showing the big nice album art) and when you get into the folder you want you can have the smaller album art but longer text style for the audio files itself.

Why wouldn't this work on folder hierarchy? Different levels of folders would confuse it maybe? Once you change the style in any of the screens the whole folder hierarchy mode becomes as the selected list style (it was all like the first picture, then I got into a folder and changed, now everything looks like the second picture)



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That is also the reason I have the folder with the (artist name - album name) inside the dedicated artist folder, that looks kinda strange I know

But I kind of keep jumping back and forth between the folder hierarchy and the "one root folder with all the album folders" all folders mode because of that...

Little thing that picks on me more than it should indeed, but that sounds like a decent feature for other users as well

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