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Sound presets on newer HTC phones


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Hi there,

I haven't seen mention of this anywhere else but here goes. As I recall, when I had Poweramp on my DHD, there was a button to choose the Dolby Mobile and SRS sound presets. However this feature is not available on newer HTC phones, despite still having Dolby Mobile and SRS Presets in the stock ROM as well as the custom ones.

I'd like to request similar functionality on newer phones such as the Sensation and Evo 3D (GSM & CDMA) as I loved this functionality and Poweramp's library and I don't want to revert back to the stock (inferior) HTC Music app

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Hi Admins,

I just bought Poweramp and really like the look of it, I don't regret my investment. I have an HTC Sensation XE with headphones from Beats Audio and I really feel like the basic audio player sounds a lot better, the preset is really good.

So I just stopped to use Poweramp :( I hope this feature is gonna be added soon so I can use your wonderful player again :)

Thanks for your understanding...


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