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  1. Yes it is, but it is released by xda in custom rom for many htc phones
  2. Hi Max, Did you add beats audio in Poweramp ?
  3. The old order of the commands and look is a lot better and more logical. I recommend that you make an option that we can choose the old look, as it offers in winapm. The rest is good
  4. Just to report When I try to use some other applications (viber for sms), the sound begins to chopping and to breaking, I don't have this problem with older version. I am using desire HD
  5. What about this, will you make it works?
  6. Can you make that I can forward and rewind songs from wired headset? Long press will forward or rewind songs, double pres fill go to next or previous song, and triple press will change folder. It would be very helpful Regards
  7. If I bought Poweramp, how long I can update it for free?
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