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  1. Hi i've tried installing Poweramp but google play gets stuck at the Installing... message. I tried the apk but after clicking install, nothing happens. i'm running a custom rom however i was wondering if you could help me identify what the issue is. I can provide a logcat, i just need a technical explanation to report the cause of the issue to the developer. I purchased the app and the unlocker works fine but i'd like to identify the root cause of the issue so that i can fix tbe issue and use the apph
  2. That would be fantastic. Thanks for your reply and for looking into it
  3. Hi there, I haven't seen mention of this anywhere else but here goes. As I recall, when I had Poweramp on my DHD, there was a button to choose the Dolby Mobile and SRS sound presets. However this feature is not available on newer HTC phones, despite still having Dolby Mobile and SRS Presets in the stock ROM as well as the custom ones. I'd like to request similar functionality on newer phones such as the Sensation and Evo 3D (GSM & CDMA) as I loved this functionality and Poweramp's library and I don't want to revert back to the stock (inferior) HTC Music app
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