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Music stops after 2 minute exactly (update: after 1 minute)


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This just started with the newest update. I hit play, and either exactly 2 minutes into the song or around the 1 minute mark it just stops. By "it just stops" I mean it pauses and I have to hit play again. Then a minute or so later the same thing happens.


I've tried multiple different songs (mp3s) on both the phone itself (Galaxy S9+) and the SD card and it happens every time.

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I don't think I can reproduce this (obviously). You can check what exactly pauses Poweramp by going to the Last Processed Commands (just search it in Settings), but that will log just external commands (not the one from Poweramp UI).

Also 1 min is the Android standard timeout for background services which are not considered foreground. Poweramp is foreground when it's playing, but OEM firmwares may ignore that due to the "battery" settings. In this case Poweramp is killed and it will complain about that on the next start. 


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