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  1. This happens occasionally for a while and then stops happening but it's been happening again recently. While I'm listening to a song, if I adjust the volume (either up or down) it pauses the song. So basically I have to choose my volume before I can press play again and continue listening
  2. Maybe not so much a bug but my default setting is Repeat List but whenever I hit the play button at the top of the folder (as opposed to clicking on a song) it automatically changes it to Advance List Is there anyway to make it so that doesn't happen?
  3. The background services thing was it. I had forgotten that earlier in the day my phone alerted me to apps running in the background that were taking up battery and suggested I close them - Poweramp being one of them. So basically my smartphone decided to act stupid. Thank you!!
  4. This just started with the newest update. I hit play, and either exactly 2 minutes into the song or around the 1 minute mark it just stops. By "it just stops" I mean it pauses and I have to hit play again. Then a minute or so later the same thing happens. I've tried multiple different songs (mp3s) on both the phone itself (Galaxy S9+) and the SD card and it happens every time.
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