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Request: Stop playing after each song


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Hello everybody!

I wonder if there is an option to stop playing after the song has ended so it will not continue playing the next song, even if it is a part of an album/compilation; I just need the Poweramp to stop after the song's end so I can play next one manually... and so on.

I found that there's a timer with "play last song to end" option, so it could be a solution  but the timer has a minimum of 5 minutes and wil not work if the song is shorter... and I would have to activate this option each time, so I don't think it could help.

If there's any option to do that, please let me know. If not, is it possible to have it in any future release? I think that this feature is not hard to add/develope... 😬

Best regards!

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I actually found this exact feature while I was looking for a different feature, not sure how long it's been in, but it's in now.
To the right of the sleep timer where the shuffle/don't shuffle button is, if you tap it until it says '1' that puts it literally into a 'play 1 song then stop' mode.

Hope that helps!

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