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  1. Other : • Stop Playing after each song :**
  2. oh sorry 😂 I'm don't see that. thank you.
  3. in 843-uni when I'm tapping on "Search icon", my keyboard opened but there is no search bar for writing something in there :))) and after that can't do anything with program and I'm forcing to close and re opening program again. it's like hanging or something. Honor 8x - JSN-L22 Android 9 - EMUI 9.1.0
  4. Thanks for keep going updates Max. just think about "Stop Playing after each song" option. 😑 thank you again.
  5. your request is suggested very long time ago : here , but developer nothing do for that. it's a very important and necessary option and i have problem with this subject almost every day. 7 years is very long time for add a simple option.
  6. thanks for quick responding andre. I hope it will be plann for Android Pie in future
  7. i saw this screenshot in Twitter. are Poweramp already have an option to show seekbar in notification panel ?!! or it's related to Android version or something else ?!
  8. ______________________ 1 - Honor 8X - JSN-L22 2 - Android 9 - EMUI 9.0.1 - Stock Rom 3 - Kirin 710 - Full Information Device audio_policy.conf audio_policy_configuration.xml
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