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Waiting list function not like intended?


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Not sure if this is the right section or it has already been discussed (searched for waiting list and scrolled a little) but here we go:

It's about the waiting list (Warteschlange) Feature:

I already know this feature from my old Xperia z2 player. You are listening to some song which makes you feel like you wanna hear a specific other song NEXT. So you look for it and add it to the WAITING list. I'd expect that the current song finishes BEFORE the waiting list triggers... The current implementation starts playing the waiting list right away. Is that intended? I'd prefer if it starts after the current song and wouldn't interrupt it. alternatively an option to choose between those 2 behaviors would be acceptable as well. 

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Hello there,

I have a somewhat related problem. When adding tracks to the queue the player should start playing the queue after the track that was on while queueing is finished or at least that's how it used to be for me.

Recently though, only noticed it yesterday, it plays the next song in the original playlist first instead of jumping to the queue after the track is finished (and the only way i found to avoid that is to change the play mode which will result in the loss of the position in the original playlist). So technically I have to listen to tracks i don't want to listen to to get into the queue...

Is there a way to fix this bug yet? Or is it just a weird new option i cannot seem to find?

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