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I won't put this in bug reports as it's something I probably did by mistake...so general chatter it is!

I've a weird issue the last few days, some songs don't start at 0.00, they might start at 0.04...or even at 2 minutes into the song, 

I didn't bring it up coz..1. I thought  maybe I messed up something even though I never touch settings, 2. wasn't a big deal as going back to a previous song and then forward

again makes the next song start at 0.00.

But I realise it's something probably simple (for others on here not me) to fix if I just ask...so worth a try!


Some info that might be useful:

Video attached showing songs starting all over the place.

Image attached of my settings (always at default and never have touched them,  just the volume up max but never had any problem with that)

S10+ Stock ROM on Pie that has always had no major issues with Poweramp

No weird stuff installed recently that would do anything to change anything

Cats are better than dogs

Happens on 3 different bluetooth headphones and phone speaker



Some info that might be useful but probably not in the slighest:

I leave everything alone at default as far as I know

I did change manual track fading to none to see if it would fix anything, didnt, back to default.

There's probably something else I need to change to default...somewhere but I'm an idiot who cant't figure out where.




Thank you for your pity - Homer.



Poweramp Setttings at default.jpg

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7 hours ago, andrewilley said:

Have you perhaps got per-track memory enabled in the List Options for that Category's songs level? (tap on the cover artwork, then use the three-dots icon to get to List Options)



Thank you sooooooo much Andre! Just woke up and tried it now, the first song has the 3 dots on the bottom, but all others in that list have 3 dots up top, So the first song must be the cover artwork/ list settings  right? I had per track ticked somehow but only on that list, my other playlists have no tick, I've no idea how/when I ticked that as I never play with settings, and don't even think I saw that list settings ever either on the artwork. You've saved me from pulling my hair out Andre, thank you loads I really appreciate it man!

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PS: Holy crap I didn't mean for my video to be that size on this forum, was just meant to be normal size to show the "skipping" that was my fault in the first place, don't know how to resize video on here to make it small so feel free to delete it coz it's probably taking up bandwidth for other users if they have autoplay or something turned on.Sorry! Thanks again!

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31 minutes ago, Nightshade Ghostaltar said:

Just woke up and tried it now, the first song has the 3 dots on the bottom, but all others in that list have 3 dots up top, 

In the songs list - i.e. the first view you see when you tap on the cover artwork in the player screen - there is only one three-dots icon, which is near the top/right of the list's header section. That is the icon you need to tap to access the List Options menu for things like per-track memory, sorting order, and view mode. List Options can be set independently for each category type by the way, which is presumably what happened to you.

There are no 'per-song' three-dots icons though, just the ability to long-press on a song title in order to see its specific setting choices and/or to multi-select songs.

Glad you sorted it anyway. And don't worry about the video, don't think it makes a big difference in the grand scheme of data storage. :)


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That must be the place people are asking for a playlist cover art so I assume? I never even noticed it was different lol, I did see a (something like) "remember position" but not in the place you pointed out to me, so I hadn't a clue what to do, ah the video was more of using people's  data if they weren't on Wifi, unlimited data ain''t a thing in lots of plans unfortunately, but anyway Im all back to 0.00 thanks to you, kicking myself I didn't ask before haha!

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