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Where to see list of upcoming songs?


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I am missing a very basic feature: When I click "shuffle" (eg "Shuffle all", over all my songs), I'd like to see the list of songs that will be played next.

And In that list I'd like to be able to remove songs or change the order of songs (move up/down entries).

But at the moment I can't even see the list of upcoming songs (I don't know if this is what you call the "queue").

I am new to Poweramp, so this might be a stupid question. Sorry if so.

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In the library, if you drill down to the songs-level list within whatever category you are playing (Albums, Artists, Folders, All Songs, etc) then you can tap the three-dots icon and set the List Options to "by shuffle order". This means that instead of the song list being sorted by (for example) track number or filename, you will see a shuffled order. You can see what would be played next in that list of songs, and once a few songs have played you can scroll back through the shuffled list too. You can't change the order though, it's random, all you can do is re-randomise it by changing to a new shuffle mode or choosing a new song as a new starting point.

You can change the order of songs in the temporary Queue though, and also in Playlists. You can randomise the order of songs in a Playlist too, and then move those songs about still further, which is probably the closest to what you are asking.


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