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Does PA backup/restore ratings?

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Thank you! I see that backing/restoring ratings works. I see that the app can still read my previous tags (before I reset my phone) but I can't "Update Poweramp rating from tag" to write them back to Poweramp. It says "Sorry, functionnality not available in this version of Poweramp". Does that mean I have to buy the pro version to restore them at once, or I just have to downgrade Poweramp ?

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You'll have to get on to flyingdutchman here on the forums, he's the genius who wrote it Christmw ! Im sure he'll be able to answer that, or of course Max himself too or Andre, maybe its a limitation of the free version, but Poweramp is well worth buying in any case, Im sure they will be able to answer that for you, sorry Im not more help but I've the paid version for years so cant remember the limitations of the free version :)

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11 hours ago, flyingdutchman said:

Yes, the free version of my app can back up the Poweramp ratings but only the paid version can restore them.

I'll probably buy the pro version. But what does that error "Sorry, functionnality not available in this version of Poweramp" mean? If I buy the pro version of your app, will it go away?

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@christmw2503, Poweramp does not have the ratings export functionality so I developed it and made it available in New Playlist Manage so you will be paying for this app, r. To answer your second post, The Fre Playlist Manager is actually a full version of New Playlist Manager but with adverts and some functionality disabled. That is why you get the message "Sorry.... etc"

The paid version has no adverts and is fully functional so you will not get this message


ps. I suddenly realised that it says this " version of Poweramp."  When the new releases came out, I checked for Poweramp version as some people had V2 and some V3.  I have removed this in NPM but perhaps not in the Free version. I will check this and remove the Poweramp version check here too.



Checked the free version and it no longer checks. You must be using an older version instead of 2.60

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