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  1. This is bug was probably introduced after introducing settings backup. After a restore, searching settings stops working. Galaxy Note 9 Android 10. Version build-943-bundle-play Screen_Recording_20220911-185755_Poweramp.mp4
  2. Many thx for the heads-up. Just tested and everything was restored. Happy to be back on PA after months on Spotify.
  3. I know Poweramp doesn't (yet?) support backup/restore of play counts. Does Playlist Manager (by @Flyingdutchman) support this? If so, how? Can't test because there's no trial to the app.
  4. Musicolet has this nifty tracks selection option, where you select 2 tracks and then select all tracks in-between. Can we have this in Poweramp? Use case. Ex. I need to play all tracks with play counts = 5 and above. Best way to achieve this would be by smart playlists, but PA doesn't have them. That in-between is an acceptable workaround in that instance as I'd select the 1st most played track, scroll down and select the last track with play count = 5 then select all tracks in-between.
  5. This. And the ability to customize the time (I prefer 15 seconds) would be nicer
  6. Revisiting this thread. Do you know if dev did take a look at this issue. Seeing that he's just added a way to restore ratings and stats in recent release, this is only thing still bugging me about PA. I have a Samsung galaxy Note 9 and I've remapped single press of the Bixby button to "Rewind". So much convenient to rewind X amount second without turning on the phone. Doesn't need to be the Bixby button, even remapping Volume +/- works all the time on some players (but not all) like Gonemad, Jetaudio, Musicolet, Samsung music.
  7. @flyingdutchman Yes. Play count =0 Maybe the issue is present in newer versions of the app. Currently, I can't buy anything on the play store, so I'm using old 3013 version of the app that was free.
  8. If I restore Poweramp from an earlier backup file, searching in the settings doesn't work. This bug is more than a year old.
  9. I did and the rating change was reflected in Poweramp. I even edited the play counts and the change were also reflected in Poweramp. Problem is that restoring play counts doesn't work after Poweramp reset/reinstall.
  10. OK. But my issue is that times played aren't restored, while ratings are. In PA, I can see the restored ratings but the "Most played" page is empty.
  11. Actually, I didn't understand the last sentence "Once you have found any, check the actual track metadata through Poweramp (After the import of course)" I have the file and have imported the rating in Poweramp. How do I check "the Metadata through Poweramp"?
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