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  1. Yes. But I think making it Auto-hide when scrolling is the best way
  2. As seen here https://imgur.com/gallery/4BOJUNZ make it so that the top bar shows up when scrolling up and hide when scrolling down, the same way that bottom play bar behaves. Reason is, if I'm in the middle of a list, I can't access those commands on top (shuffle, play, search, etc.). I have to scroll all the way up.
  3. I completely agree that tag editing is best done on a desktop OS. I'm currently using Musicbee, but Poweramp doesn't read ratings done in Musicbee. Any idea of a Windows tagger whose ratings can be read by Poweramp?
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Poweramp doesn't have an option to repeat files in the queue, i.e. when the last track in the queue ends, repeat the first one (in the queue), instead of continuing to the default list.
  5. I'll probably buy the pro version. But what does that error "Sorry, functionnality not available in this version of Poweramp" mean? If I buy the pro version of your app, will it go away?
  6. I've already paid for Poweramp a long time ago.
  7. Thank you! I see that backing/restoring ratings works. I see that the app can still read my previous tags (before I reset my phone) but I can't "Update Poweramp rating from tag" to write them back to Poweramp. It says "Sorry, functionnality not available in this version of Poweramp". Does that mean I have to buy the pro version to restore them at once, or I just have to downgrade Poweramp ?
  8. I recently had to reset my phone and I restored from a backup but all my ratings couldn't be restored. I saw an old thread discussing this. So has this feature been added or not?
  9. Having "Always Clear on Add" enabled was what causing my issue. I've disabled it, now the queued song plays only after the current one is finished.
  10. If I disable the option "Start playing queue immediately" and I add a track to the queue, that track will start to play immediately, meaning that the option seems not be working. I'm on build 825. Irc, the bug wasn't present on previous builds.
  11. When i sort all songs by year, results are all over the place. The most recently released tracks are right in the middle, etc.
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