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Close Poweramp after Bluetooth lost


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Hello from germany,

how i create an comman with Tasker ore else to close Poweramp after lost Bluetooth.

I use it on my Car,it will start perfectly when it pairing with my Car Radio.But not closing 😞

I use an Samsung S8.It is not Rooting..

Thanks for your Help 🙂

Greats Pari

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8 hours ago, Parilio said:

But i hope i find an command to close

Why? Android apps don't generally full close, they simply remain dormant in the background and the focus switches to something else. That is how Android is designed to work, Task Killers are unnecessary and can cause problems. 


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I'll post a separate thread on my battery concern. However, having a task killer for PA isn't IMHO a bad idea. PA appears to be a serious battery eater; being able to kill it outright should ease some of that problem. I'm not 100% certain BT loss alone should kill PA, but there should be a way to kill it without much effort. 

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