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  1. RBEmerson

    Extra Shuffle options for Playlists and Queue

    Um... suggested added feature, please.
  2. RBEmerson

    Extra Shuffle options for Playlists and Queue

    I think that Nu Phi Nguyen is getting to something I think is missing in the PA shuffling options, too. I have a collection of Euro Techno tracks. They aren't in albums, they're tracks that aren't in an album sequence. If I take either a playlist of, say, "every track by Worakls", or I enqueue Worakls and N'To material, none of the shuffles let me shuffle just the queue or playlist. The shuffle options are too broad. I want to stay focused on my queue or playlist. AFAIK it's not in PA.
  3. Well, he gets an attaboy and two thumbs up, too. [/ big grin ]
  4. Andre rides to the rescue! [/ a big "attaboy" and two thumbs up ]
  5. Again, look at all of the prior 8.0/Oreo posts saying "I just upgraded to Oreo/8.0 and (whatever) doesn't work." By now it should be obvious PA and Oreo don't get along well. No doubt Andre knows that and will address it with (I hope) the next release. Expecting it to magically start working is ...um... wishful thinking. The choice is working PA under Nougat or MM, or crippled PA under Oreo. It's the user's choice - have Nougat & PA or have Oreo & a crippled PA. Pick one.
  6. Given all of the earlier posts about PA and Oreo, I'd say Oreo breaks PA. I suspect Andre knows that. You can have one or the other, but not both.
  7. Do you have any better sense of when the next build will be released. IIRC the last ETA given was "sometime in April". Can that be sharpened up?
  8. Same thing for me with a rooted Samsung S7 (stock ROM) and Kenwood BT car radios.
  9. I'll repeat my suggestion: some sort of "here's what's here" is needed. At least in my case, and for anyone else not using Nougat, getting 704 appears to be of no value. For that matter, had I known 704 does nothing for my [/non-Nougat phones], this thread wouldn't have been started.
  10. Click on 703 to get 704? Doesn't that seem a bit counter-intuitive? If that's how to get to 704, sobeit, but a "do this to get that" note would be helpful.
  11. Where do I find a 704 download??? C'mon, this should be a no-brainer to answer...
  12. If 704 is in the download horizontal scroll, I don't see it. I do see 588, 703, and an Intel-specific build, but no 704. Added: I forgot to check the Alpha pull-down menu - no 704, just 703.
  13. I raised this issue in November, with no response. Try #2: Nexus 7 2013 WiFi, Andy v6.0.1, rooted stock ROM, PA 703 (full version), v4a V4A works well with PlayerPro but not with PA. I tried disabling Direct Volume Control and rebooting. That didn't help. Does V4A work with PA 703? If so, what settings are required?
  14. BUMP The problem remains. About shows "alpha-build-703-play (full version)" - no update or build date.