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  1. In several instances the presented artist and/or album art is hopelessly clueless. "Alpine Soundtracks" gets several versions of "South Carolina Living" magazine covers. There is nothing about generic Alps images. I have no idea how many other artists and albums are so afflicted. Being able to tweak the search terms should help with fixing that problem. Being able to include files will be helpful, too.
  2. @Crericper Interesting. Play Service was mentioned, more than once, as a possible problem. IIRC, tinkering with it was occasionally useful, but didn't prove to be a certain work-around. The infinite loop must have been extremely active to hammer the CPU to the point of heating to the point it did. Of course high battery consumption inevitable in this instance. FWIW, I've been using existing playlists with no problems. Battery consumption is well within the expected range.
  3. Maybe I slept through the lecture, but what was the cause of the problem?
  4. I confirm problem resolved. Bye, bye, thread... I'm going to miss you! LOL
  5. I think you're saying to just start playing songs without queuing or playlists. For example, pick the first file in a artist collection? Or start from the first file in a folder?
  6. The common theme in the reports appears to be playlists. Further, how the list is formed seems to have no obvious impact. In short, use playlist, cook phone. The question, then, is what happens with "play this song, play the next, etc." What happens with "start a song, and shuffle in some form"? Further, looking at the posts, it appears that the phone model, Android version, and rooted/not rooted have little impact on the problem.The short summary becomes "use playlist on any phone, cook phone." Now to get that a) acknowledged and b) corrected. Frankly, I'm inclined to think the response will be crickets.
  7. @dinfinity This is probably the clearest review of the battery problem to date. Since the use of playlists seems to the common thread, that prompts two, related, questions. Have you investigated the use of queuing vs. playlists, and has logcat shown you any clues about similarity to playlist failure? I'm more than a little frustrated that there seems to be virtually no obvious, in-depth developer effort on the matter. At one point I was told, summarizing, "we have millions of users and only a few people with this problem. This isn't a place we'll spend time on". That doesn't square up with what's reported in this thread. I suspect there are many more users who have the problem but don't report it. They either accept it, or work in a mode that doesn't trigger the problem. NTL it is clear a problem exists.
  8. In my experience, 820 didn't fix the problem. Leaving WiFi and BT on seems to increase drain and heating. Your Mileage May Vary
  9. Considering PA and the unlocker are tightly bound, what matters is why directly related PA activity is at the top of the battery consumption list. The icon question is not the primary problem. @krazzyvishal Did you check to see if Chromecast re-asserted itself. For some reason, it returned on my phone. It's disabled now, but I'm watching to see if it magically returns.
  10. Why is the PA Unlock icon at the top of power consumers?
  11. The screen grabs are in probably chaotic order, but I hope they point to what surprised me after leaving PA idle. What are wakelocks, and do I care?
  12. You read my mind - that's exactly what I want to know. Good on ya!
  13. Well. I just had two "isn't that interesting" moments with PA. The first is probably OT, but here it is: my S7 phone nearly locked up to the "pull the battery to restart the phone" level. An extended single digit to Samsung for not letting the battery be user accessible. After enough button pushing and screen waiting, I got to the home screen and saw the PA announced as not working, stop or keep waiting. As soon as I stopped PA, the phone went back to being a normal phone with no unusual delays. I've seen the phone lock up like this a few times over the past couple of months. I rebuilt the phone (back to "out of the box experience" stock firmware forward to rooted otherwise stock firmware) and the problem stopped. Until yesterday. Did PA cause the problem or did PA wind up in a situation where it failed for lack of resources? No idea on that. The second is the "high discharge, high heat" problem on steroids. I spent most of three hours using the S7 with earbuds. At some point I stopped to check the phone - very warm and down to 47% from 87% in, to be charitable, under two hours. I turned off WiFi (poor service to the tractor anyway) and BT (not used, except in a car). An hour plus later (yes, that adds up to more than three hours - I'm trying to leave slack around how long it took for discharging), I was down to 15%. I pulled the phones jack to stop playback, put the phone on its charger and walked off to do something else. The stunner is coming back over an hour later to see the phone at 29% and not going higher. The phone was up to about 116F. The screen, when I unblanked it, showed the album art for the track that had been playing. The point here is PA should have been idle, the phone should have been charging, and 116F is well above the phone's normal temperature (~100F). As soon as I left PA, the phone resumed charging, and the temperature dropped to the usual "warm from charging" temperature. Whatever had PA going was hammering the phone to the point where the charger was barely keeping ahead of demand. PLACE HOLDER! The text above is complete, but I need to add some screen grabs to the post. The grabs are on my phone, not on my laptop. More to come.
  14. Poorly asked on my part. With repeat on, and after playing the last track in the list, is the list shuffled on starting to play track #1 or is the existing shuffled list repeated without a further shuffle?
  15. Confirming: Choose shuffle songs, choose shuffle off, choose shuffle songs will generate a new list? Also, if repeat is set, when is a new shuffle done?
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