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Swapping Artist Name / Song Name?

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PA's song info is always shown with the song title in bold on the top line, and then the artist/album details in smaller text underneath.

However sorting order is completely up to you,. Choose you desired Library category view (Artists, Albums, Folders, etc) and then tap the three-dots icon in the top-right and use List Options to choose how you would like the contents displayed and sorted. When you then tap down into the actual songs level, there is another similar List Options menu which adjusts the display/ordering of the songs list. Each library category has its own settings, so you can adjust each one exactly as you want.


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44 minutes ago, Fennec said:

Yeah, I know about the sorting order. Was just hoping I could maybe switch it so the artist name is on top and song name is on the bottom. Oh well. 

I'll move this to Feature Requests. The idea of user-editing of the contents of the primary and secondary info lines has been suggested before though, and Max did say that if he enabled change them then it would be a global change that would affect both the player screen and all library list entries.


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